Tuesday, March 10, 2009

FRESH BAKED MUSIC: the truth blitz

here are a few albums that i scored recently. both great efforts.
brother ali - the truth is here
lyrical assassin that is keeping it fresh in the old school.
the yeah yeah yeahs - it's blitz!
music to grade to.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

OBTAINED: lucha libre tag team headwear

last year, i came across a hat that embodied so many things that i love.  the red, new era fitted that features a masked mexican wrestler could not scream BUY ME any louder.  

my brother bought it for me.

it even has the laces that real lucha libre wrestlers have on the backs of their masks.

recently, at the same store in the same SALE area, i found my red hat's blue counterpart~!!!  AND IT WAS CHEAPER~!!!  it was a dream come true.  i could finally complete the tag team~!!!  notice the gold teeth on the wrestler.  bonus points for bling.

and bonus points for the outline for the laces.

now the tag team is complete.

one thing that i noticed was that the mask that the wrestler on the hat is holding is rey mysterio's mask.  i wonder why.

wrestling, check.

lucha libre, check.

masks, check.

fitted new era, check.

tacky loud colors, check.

victory, check.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

TRANSFORMED: new devastator

this guy is going to hit the shelves soon.

i wonder if i like it enough to buy it.







as you can see, he's come a long way from this:

Monday, February 16, 2009

OBEY: the law

one of my favorite artists, shepard fairey of obey fame, second to tonyhong.net, was arrested recently on his way to give a lecture in boston.

i love his philosophy of phenomenology and his propaganda is an inspiration to a certain extent.

read about his arrest and let me know what you think about this reporter's opinion.

hit this link up for the full story.

and while you're in the clicky clicky mood, hit up www.cosmonautlife.com for some cool shirts.  new designs coming soon, junior.

Friday, February 13, 2009

MONEYMAKERS: highest revenues in the music industry

this is a list of the top revenues in the industry.

1. Madonna: $242,176,466
2. Bon Jovi: $157,177,766
3. Bruce Springsteen: $156,327,964
4. The Police: $109,976,894
5. Celine Dion: $99,171,237
6. Kenny Chesney: $90,823,990
7. Neil Diamond: $82,174,000
8. Rascall Flatts: $63,522,160
9. Jonas Brothers: $62,638,814
10. Coldplay: $62,175,555
11. The Eagles: $61,132,213
12. Lil Wayne: $57,441,334
13. AC/DC: $56,505,296
14. Michael Buble: $50,257,364
15. Miley Cyrus: $48,920,806
16. Taylor Swift: $45,588,730
17. Journey: $44,787,328
18. Billy Joel: $44,581,010
19. Mary J. Blige: $43,472,850
20. Kanye West: $42,552,402

i will manage all.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

CONVINCED: this is what it takes

12:45:14 PM ME: come to the street fighter 4 release party with me tomorrow
12:49:23 PM mistaxbrian: lol wow
12:52:44 PM ME: lets go
12:52:49 PM ME: dj qbert is gonna be there
12:53:05 PM ME: you can dress up like guile
12:54:34 PM mistaxbrian: lol
12:54:39 PM mistaxbrian: i want to dress up like chun li
1:33:15 PM ME: do it
2:00:46 PM ME: lets go though
2:00:50 PM ME: you me mania paul kim
2:01:01 PM ME: but we should dress up like tekken characters
2:18:48 PM ME: but yeah
2:18:50 PM ME: lets go man
2:18:53 PM ME: i don't wanna go alone
2:18:58 PM ME: i'll be a loser by myself
2:19:24 PM mistaxbrian: lol
2:19:30 PM mistaxbrian: can we dress up like smash characters
2:20:05 PM ME: of course
2:22:12 PM mistaxbrian: lol
2:22:20 PM mistaxbrian: street fighter 4 opening?
2:22:22 PM mistaxbrian: what is that
2:22:25 PM mistaxbrian: arcade?
2:22:27 PM ME: its a party
2:22:30 PM mistaxbrian: wow
2:22:35 PM ME: for the game that's going to be released
2:22:36 PM mistaxbrian: i don't know if i want to go to that kind of party
2:22:38 PM ME: DOOD
2:22:40 PM ME: please
2:22:44 PM ME: i'll buy you a fitted hat
2:22:52 PM mistaxbrian: i thought you were giving me all of yours
2:23:27 PM ME: http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-10158546-1.html
2:25:28 PM mistaxbrian: wow
2:25:35 PM mistaxbrian: you know we can't go to this
2:25:48 PM mistaxbrian: at least you alrdy have a girlfriend
2:26:06 PM ME: dood
2:26:09 PM ME: me and sol are going
2:26:13 PM mistaxbrian: wow
2:26:14 PM mistaxbrian: you guys would
2:26:18 PM mistaxbrian: you guys also both have gf's
2:26:38 PM ME: doooooood
2:26:41 PM ME: who cares?
2:26:58 PM mistaxbrian: the ladies
2:27:20 PM ME: dooood
2:27:26 PM ME: you'll get a girl there
2:27:34 PM ME: i'll hook it up with the chun li costume girls
2:27:37 PM ME: the fat white ones
2:27:44 PM mistaxbrian: hahah
2:27:45 PM mistaxbrian: sick
2:34:51 PM ME: plllllleeeeeeease come with me
2:34:57 PM mistaxbrian: wow
2:34:58 PM mistaxbrian: dude
2:34:59 PM ME: i will give you a transformer
2:35:02 PM mistaxbrian: those places frighten me
2:35:10 PM mistaxbrian: i wouldn't even know what to do with it
2:38:20 PM ME: http://www.triumvir3.com/index2.html
2:38:26 PM ME: i know you like these shoes
2:38:51 PM mistaxbrian: what is this
2:39:02 PM ME: it's a urban clothing brand
2:39:15 PM mistaxbrian: why is julius ceasar flipping me the bird
2:39:56 PM ME: http://triumvirstore.3dcartstores.com/Triumvir-x-Street-Fighter_c_20-1-0.html
2:40:03 PM ME: we need to buy these and wear all this stuff to the party
2:40:30 PM mistaxbrian: wow
2:40:33 PM mistaxbrian: what is shadaloo
2:40:49 PM ME: it's m bison's crime organization~!
2:40:57 PM mistaxbrian: wow
2:40:59 PM mistaxbrian: how do you know that
2:41:46 PM ME: because i'm a nerd
2:41:46 PM ME: dood
2:41:51 PM ME: imma pick you up at around 7
2:41:53 PM ME: tomorrow
2:46:55 PM mistaxbrian: nopee
2:47:26 PM ME: too bad
2:47:30 PM ME: not your choice
2:47:34 PM ME: you have to come
2:47:38 PM ME: it was in the contract
2:47:41 PM mistaxbrian: i can't
2:47:50 PM mistaxbrian: i have prior engagements
2:47:56 PM mistaxbrian: like....
2:48:09 PM mistaxbrian: uhhh
2:48:30 PM ME: just remember this
2:48:34 PM ME: i went to all you IM games
2:48:38 PM ME: basketball and football
2:48:43 PM mistaxbrian: not even close to the same thing
2:48:52 PM ME: (oh yeah...i'm guitling you...shameless)
2:48:56 PM ME: it is the very same thing
2:49:11 PM mistaxbrian: absolutely not
2:49:23 PM ME: fantastic
2:49:27 PM ME: so 7-7:15
2:50:17 PM mistaxbrian: you can take rainbow
2:50:20 PM mistaxbrian: dress her up as blanka
2:50:49 PM ME: see~?! you know all the characters
2:50:53 PM ME: you'll fit right in
2:50:54 PM ME: niiiiiice
2:52:02 PM mistaxbrian: never
2:52:34 PM ME: thanks for coming
3:09:32 PM mistaxbrian: haha
3:09:40 PM mistaxbrian: i'm passin out right now
3:09:56 PM ME: tired?
3:10:00 PM mistaxbrian: ya
3:44:38 PM ME: get some rest tonight
3:44:42 PM mistaxbrian: lol
3:44:43 PM ME: rest up for tomorrow's party
3:47:21 PM ME: forget it...i'm not going to the party
3:47:25 PM ME: i'm going to a different party
3:47:34 PM ME: come ok?
3:49:47 PM ME: if i get heesoo to come, will you come too?
3:50:32 PM mistaxbrian: you're really going to another party>
3:50:33 PM mistaxbrian: ?
3:50:47 PM ME: yes
3:50:53 PM mistaxbrian: lol
3:51:00 PM ME: it's a party with the models from victoria's secret
3:51:05 PM ME: and they all broke up with their boyfriends
3:51:13 PM mistaxbrian: oh the lies
3:51:16 PM ME: and they love single asian guys
3:51:30 PM ME: who can grown beards and play basketball
3:52:41 PM ME: heesoo's down though
3:52:45 PM ME: just confirmed
3:52:47 PM ME: you come too
3:52:49 PM ME: it'll be fun
3:54:19 PM mistaxbrian: wait really another party
3:54:24 PM mistaxbrian: or the street fihter party
3:54:26 PM mistaxbrian: fighter
3:54:31 PM ME: huh~?
3:54:37 PM ME: uh...
3:54:40 PM ME: another party
3:54:43 PM ME: with models
3:54:44 PM mistaxbrian: wow
3:54:45 PM ME: yeah
3:58:16 PM ME: but come with us ok?
4:00:10 PM mistaxbrian: 
4:00:25 PM ME: PLEASE~!!!
4:11:47 PM mistaxbrian: dude
4:11:59 PM ME: ?
4:12:20 PM mistaxbrian: i have a plan
4:12:23 PM ME: what?
4:12:24 PM mistaxbrian: how about we all not go
4:12:31 PM mistaxbrian: hahah
4:12:34 PM ME: me and mania are going
4:12:38 PM mistaxbrian: no you're not
4:12:52 PM mistaxbrian: i don't want to hear a million people yell hadoken
4:13:21 PM ME: dood
4:13:24 PM ME: it will be awesome
4:13:28 PM ME: you can get a custom fitted hat
4:13:44 PM mistaxbrian: lol
4:15:52 PM ME: if it's really gay we'll just leave and go to ktown
4:15:56 PM ME: and get dooboo kimchi
4:26:17 PM mistaxbrian: lol
6:07:13 PM ME: streetfighter party do it
6:07:19 PM mistaxbrian: lol
6:12:02 PM ME: sfevent@capcom.com
6:12:08 PM ME: send an rsvp email to there
6:12:16 PM ME: so you can get a place
6:12:41 PM mistaxbrian: lol
6:15:46 PM ME: ure coming right?
6:16:38 PM ME: i love pau
6:35:15 PM ME: paul is coming too
6:35:17 PM ME: you come too
9:34:05 PM ME: come tomorrow
9:34:08 PM ME: rsvp
9:34:11 PM ME: we'll pick you up
9:34:12 PM ME: bye
9:34:15 PM mistaxbrian: noo
11:11:08 AM ME: dood
11:11:11 AM ME: we're going alright?
11:11:28 AM mistaxbrian: lol
11:11:33 AM mistaxbrian: you are relentless
11:11:44 AM ME: you, me, mania, bowel
11:12:47 AM ME: we're gonna get our quarter circle jab on
11:12:48 AM ME: 
11:12:52 AM ME: yay yuh~!
11:12:53 AM mistaxbrian: wow
11:22:52 AM ME: do it homie
11:22:53 AM ME: rsvp
11:22:59 AM ME: sfevent@capcom.com
11:23:03 AM ME: just send an email there
11:23:18 AM mistaxbrian: lol
11:23:24 AM mistaxbrian: wow
12:36:46 PM mistaxbrian: what time is it at again
12:36:52 PM ME: 8
12:37:00 PM mistaxbrian: god demmy
12:37:05 PM mistaxbrian: let's jsut all not go
12:37:11 PM ME: noooo
12:37:12 PM ME: we gotta
12:37:19 PM ME: we're all RSVP'ed up
12:37:22 PM mistaxbrian: wow
12:37:27 PM ME: just do it man
12:37:36 PM mistaxbrian: you're so sick
12:37:43 PM mistaxbrian: what is everyone going to be doing?
12:37:49 PM ME: who cares
12:37:59 PM ME: i just wanna get a fitted hat and a picture of guile
12:38:01 PM ME: hahahaha
12:38:04 PM mistaxbrian: wow
12:38:10 PM ME: dood please come
12:38:17 PM ME: you'll have so much fun making fun of the losers there
12:38:26 PM ME: it'll be a boys night out
12:38:30 PM mistaxbrian: lol i have no right to make fun of anyone if i'm there
12:38:39 PM ME: and after we can get some drinks in a beaux
12:38:56 PM mistaxbrian: ah fine
12:39:01 PM mistaxbrian: do i have to rsvp
12:39:03 PM ME: YES~!!!!
12:39:05 PM ME: yup
12:39:08 PM ME: you gotta
12:39:14 PM ME: just send a blank email to
12:39:20 PM ME: sfevents@capcom.com
12:39:23 PM ME: they will reply
12:39:33 PM ME: and that's it
12:39:42 PM mistaxbrian: no subject line?
12:39:50 PM ME: just write rsvp
12:39:59 PM mistaxbrian: k done
12:40:16 PM ME: YES~!
12:41:37 PM mistaxbrian: this thing lasts til 12 am
12:41:39 PM mistaxbrian: u kidding me
12:41:51 PM ME: we'll just be in and out for sure
12:41:54 PM ME: i just wanna check it out
12:41:58 PM ME: and maybe win a copy of the game
12:45:10 PM mistaxbrian: haha

that's what it took.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


to all the guppies at berklee, pack up your gear and swim quick because the shark is coming.